Police Car Auctions

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Police car auctions are excellent places to buy very cheap cars at an auction in your area.  They are conducted mostly by police agencies, county sheriffs and law enforcement agencies and the cars on options are generally those which are discarded or confiscated cars.  Police car auctions and government auto auctions are less likely to cause problems.  They are the secret behind many of the car owners.

Car Auctions

Auctions typically move very fast, so you should attend a few just to learn the pace and bidding techniques.  Auctions are quite an old system of buying and selling goods by bidding over them.  They SHOULD fit into your strategy for getting a great price on a car.  www.govpoliceimpoundcars.com will fill you in on where and when police car auctions are going to be held.

Police Auctions

Police auction are practical places to look for a good-condition car for a fraction of its value.  Police auto auctions moved into the big time when state and federal laws were passed that authorized law enforcement agencies to seize vehicles that were either used in crimes, or were purchased with money that came from a crime.  Police seized property auctions are always advertised in advance.  Police auto auctions are either held on a regular basis, in the case of big city departments who have a lot of seized vehicles to dispose of or once in a blue moon in the case of smaller agencies.  They are held when the inventory of property exceeds storage capacity.

Buying Car at Auction

Buying a car can be a difficult decision and a stressful process.  Buying seized autos from an auction can be a prime opportunity for savings.  Buying an auction car is something I know a lot about, see www.govpoliceimpoundcars.com .  Buying an online auction car is a whole different animal.  Buying Police Seized Cars from car auctions will save your time and a lot of money by giving you incredible purchasing power.

Public car Auctions

Public auto auctions are the best places to find deals.  Public auctions are held by the Police Department on a periodic basis throughout the year.  Public Auto Auctions are held around the country.  Public auto auctions will sometimes allow you to drive them ahead of time.

Police car auctions take place in cities across the United States.  They are held every month at different locations.  Police car auctions are one of the best places to pick up a used car.

-Fernando Surlow