Police Impound Cars

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Police Impound Cars are usually in very good condition but the problem is, their owner has taken their chance with the law and the police impounds their car.   The best way to bid on a police impound car is to bid low.   The reason we bid low on police impound cars is so we can snag a deal and save some money for later just in case you would like to buy another police impound car.   for more information regarding how to bid, I would recommend visiting www.govpoliceimpoundcars.com  


When it comes to submitting a bidding price for a police impound car, I recommend considering all the variables that come with a car.   One of the most important variables is the milage on the police impound car.   If a car has greater than 120,000 miles, I recommend that you do not bid on it.   The reason for this is that cars with this many miles have been through a lot, and I would take my chances with cars that are not as used.   This advice is from personal experiences I've had.   Of course I was still able to use the car and it worked fine, it just needed a little work at the mechanic.  

Find the Right Car

Before attending a Police Impound Car auction, I recommend writing a list of cars you intending on buying or at least bidding on.   Next, use an online tool such as eBay or Kelly Blue Book to find the average price of the car you are looking for.   Put these two next to each other on the list so you will not be fumbling through paper at the auction.   It is important to keep paying attention at the auction so you do not miss anything.   Also, for more information on each auction you can sign up on www.govpoliceimpoundcars.com  


Another thing to research prior to a police impound car auction is maintanence price for each car yearly.   This is important to find out before you place a bid on a car.   Why?   So you can figure out how much you will need to set aside every year and decide if this amount is reasonable to pay for a car.   Many people, such as myself, prefer to not pay thousands every year to service their cars.   Other people, however, have money to pay for servicing and will pay for these kind of cars at police impound car auctions.  

Police impound cars are the best kind of used cars.   Theyare often very lightly used, and the great thing is that police impound car auctios are held every month.   To find out where they are held, I recommending signing up for www.govpoliceimpoundcars.com .   The amount of information that we have on polie impound cars is almost unimaginable.   See you on the other side.

-Fernando Surlow